Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition

Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition

Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition is the perfect reference for beginner webbuilders.

Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition
Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition

This robust book of more than 800 pages is the initial roadmap to build a website for personal or professional use. Even if you are completely new to the process, this book is filled with everything you need to know to build an attractive, useful and functional site. In addition to being an exhaustive reference on the basis, this new updated edition also covers the latest trends and tools, such as HTML5, planning mobile site for smartphones and tablets, connect to social networks, and more.

  • Minibooks ten packs in a great reference: preparation, site design, site construction, web graphics, multimedia, interactive elements, forms management, social networking integration, site management and case studies.
  • It covers the latest trends and tools, including HTML5, the new Adobe Create Suite and the connection with social networks.
  • It offers comprehensive reviews and case studies of existing sites created for a variety of purposes and audiences, such as blog sites and non-profit sites.
  • It shows you the essential technologies, such as Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more.

 ‘ Building Web Sites All-In-One For Dummies ‘

Plan, build and maintain a site that does exactly what you need, with the creation of one-stop websites for beginners, 3rd Edition.

Editorial Reviews

From the Back Cover

Get started planning, designing, building, and launching themost amazing websites

Ready to create your own website, but you’re all tangled up intechnical jargon? From the initial planning phases to testing andpublishing your masterpiece, this resource will show you how witheasy-to-follow steps. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’llcreate interactive pages, design for mobile platforms, integratesocial media, and much more.

  • Start building — take advantage of HTML5’s radically newapproach to structuring content as you create web pages
  • Say it with style — discover how to format text and imagesas well as apply emerging CSS3 tools to create impressiveeffects
  • Make it stand out — learn how to integrate multimediacontent into your designs, such as full-motion video or coolslideshows
  • Bring it to life — add animation and interactivity to yoursite by writing simple scripts, using online libraries, orgenerating JavaScript with Dreamweaver CS6
  • Fill this out — collect feedback or build youre-newsletter subscription list by implementing forms that validatethe data before submission
  • Visitors welcome — explore the methods you can use topromote your site and ensure that it’s found by the searchengines

Open the book and find:

  • Plans to get started with your website project
  • Advice for assembling and managing a web team
  • How to create layouts, graphics, navigation, and web pages
  • HTML, HTML 5, CSS, and CSS3 tutorials
  • Steps for embedding streaming data
  • Ways to integrate e-commerce into your site
  • Tips for using JavaScript for animation and interactivity
  • PHP resources for server-side coding

10 books in 1

  • Getting Ready
  • Designing the Site
  • Building Pages with HTML
  • Designing Pages with CSS
  • Incorporating Web Graphics and Multimedia
  • Creating Interactive Pages with JavaScript®
  • Managing Forms with PHP
  • Social Media and Interactive Add-Ons
  • Deploying and Managing the Site
  • Case Studies

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