101 Small Business Ideas

101 Small Business Ideas for Under 5000

Cheap and Easy Ideas to Start a Homebased Business

All at some time, we wanted to have our homebased business. With this great book we can have many ideas to start our own business as we have dreamed.  But where do you get business idea for less than $ 5,000 and start a small business?

101 Small Business Ideas101 Ideas for small businesses for less than $ 5,000 offers practical and real tips to turn ideas and skills into a successful small business. The book presents great ideas for simple small businesses that readers can do full time or in their spare time and covers all the problems that readers should know.

Small Business Under 5000

small business under 5000Starting a small business under 5000 is not difficult. It is not easy either. But it can be achieved. You have an idea, develop it. Believe in that, design your strategy. Soon you will understand that it was not easy, but it was not difficult either. With little money, the big entrepreneurs started today. Tomorrow you could be one of them. What could you lose?

Topics to Learn

upfront costs, legal issues, accounting, taxes and everything in between. Once the readers decide what business is right for them, the authors provide understandable business plans to make it a reality. They show aspiring entrepreneurs how to start, find funds and create a marketing and sales program. The legal, zoning and insurance requirements are provided for each business idea, as well as suggestions for expanding the business and benefits. Future entrepreneurs who do not know where to start will find everything they need here.

Becoming your own boss is easier (and cheaper) than you think!

It’s time to grab yourself a piece of the American Dream. In 101Small Business Ideas for Under $5000, you’ll find realisticguidance for turning your ideas and skills into a profitablebusiness that you can run.   full-time, part-time, or even as anabsentee owner. This completely practical handbook providesstep-by-step instructions on dealing with legal, financial, and taxissues involved in starting a business, and it puts you in touchwith suppliers, associations, and clubs that can help you get upand running in a jiffy.

Some businesses are as easy to set up and run as a child’slemonade stand, and this moneymaking manual shows you how to keepthings simple, profitable, and legal. For more ambitiousundertakings, you’ll find real-world answers for serious businessquestions as you learn how to:

  • Write a sensible business plan to give your idea direction
  • Secure start-up funding from banks, government agencies, andelsewhere
  • Design publicity, marketing, and sales programs
  • Master bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes
  • Grow from a one-person start-up into a mini-empire

you can create a home based business!

Whether you want to provide home or professional services,organize entertainment and special events, start a Web-basedcompany, go into light manufacturing, or profit from any talent orinterest you have, 101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000 putsyou on the road to success—starting right now!

The first four chapters of the book cover commercial insurance and risk management, legalities and taxes, pricing and financing. Here is a good start information.

Each business idea is listed with icons (identified in the section “How to use this book”) and covers the commercial category (service, product, commercial, creative or virtual), the challenges, the skills, the complexity and the estimated capital required to start.   Business It may be frustrating to have to keep looking for the icons, but they are simple and you can always mark the page with the descriptions of the icons.

Bicycle repair professional
Bicycle repair professional

Listing 101 begins in chapter 5 with “home-based (outdoor) business”. Some examples are landscaping designers, roof construction, snow removal and similar things, things that people often do. they hire others to do.

The homebased business descriptions follow a basic format. Here is an example: one of the most creative businesses in this section is “Installer of games for children outdoors”.


The descriptions begin with the “icons”. It has 7 icons: it is a service business, it is seasonal, it has responsibilities, it needs technical skills, it needs tools, it requires permits and / or licenses, and it costs between $ 0 and $ 3,000 in capital.  The following is the job description, a brief general description of the work that one would do when operating this business.   Then, they describe the need for this business. This helps you with business research and can give you some ideas on how to market your business.

The challenges section discusses some of the problems you may have difficulties with, such as irregular terrain, permits and applications, specific responsibilities involved if someone gets hurt, etc.

The section “knowing the territory” describes some things you may not be aware of (for this homebased business, children’s games have come a long way from the simple set of swings in the backyard).

The following is an “Introduction” section that provides basic information about commercial research and initial marketing suggestions.  “Start-up expenses” lists some tools and equipment you will need.  “How much to charge” reminds you to charge a fee that includes all your expenses: purchase, assembly, delivery, etc.  And the final section is “Legal and insurance issues” that are sent to the beginning of the book to be legal, accounting and insurance information.

The businesses described in this book range from cleaning the house to the details of the car, the vacation planner, the computer purchasing consultant, the billing service and the garage sale organizer.  Most are businesses with only one person and many can start part-time while working in a job.

101 Small Business Ideas
101 Small Business Ideas

If you are looking for a book to generate ideas and provide basic information about these particular businesses, this book will help you.  It provides good views of the 101 companies that it includes and it is likely that there are many ideas here that could become a business but in which I had not thought.

You probably need to do additional research on any homebased business you choose, but this book is a good starting point.

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