how choose a domain name for SEO

How to Choose a Domain to Improve my SEO Positioning

How to Choose a Domain to Improve my SEO Positioning? Learn how to do it, and do it for free.

Choose the perfect domain

when we talk about choosing a domain for SEO. We are talking about a new home based business, or one that does not have a brand.

If you already have a business with a brand, your domain must be your brand. There is nothing more to do. but, on the contrary, we are creating a new company or we want a web page for our company. that does not have a defined brand. Without a doubt, you will find the perfect home for you.

First, we must go to Google Keyword Planner.  This is in your Adwords account. If you have one, simply open an account. It’s free.  To access this tool, just look at the following image.


just click on the tool icon, then on the drop-down menu, click on the keyword planner

‘ how to choose a domain name for seo ‘

This tool usually takes a while to load, be patient.  Then enter the first option. The one of the left.


You can now type keywords to search.   We will do this with an example.  Our home based business is SEO development.  The idea is that we have results when someone searches on the subject.


The word SEO, has almost one million searches per month and low competitiveness. But who is looking for an SEO developer that way? I think nobody. How would you do it?   Surely you would use SEO Developer or SEO Research.


The same Google, tells us how people look for this topic.  Now let’s look for these results and look for the best option.  searching and applying the filters we ” found.


Business Seo Services“, this phrase is very good. It has little competition, it has many searches because it includes the powerful keyword SEO. In addition, we can indicate that we offer SEO service.

Now we look for the availability of the domain. we must search for global domains if we want to provide the online service. if we want to provide the local service, because a local domain would be fine. .COM is global, .ES is local Spain,. MX is Mexico

‘ how to choose a domain name for seo ‘

google keyword planner for IIXwhen searching, we find.. It was already chosen.  It is available to buy, but it is worth around 1000 dollars.  it is better to look for another domain, it could  be:,,, etc.

We could keep looking until we find the one we like, but that has the word SEO. Because many people search for this word and no matter how a person searches, we may appear in this person’s search results.

This is just the beginning. improve the presence of our website so that it appears on the first page of search results of one person or millions of people. It is a long and difficult task. That is why many companies hire specialists in this field. and for that reason, we are creating a company that provides this type of service. If we can position ourselves as specialists, we can see our services very easily to whoever they are looking for. and everything, doing what we say we do. Positioning web pages in search engines.

Now we can start looking for our domain name to hire our web server. Remember, many web hosting services offer the first year of free domain. hire the hosting as long as possible, so you only have to renew the domain name every year, and not everything. After acquiring your web server and domain service, install WordPress, the recommended plugins and configure your domain in Cloudflare, the download speed is very important in search engine optimization issues. We will begin to publish our information on our new website.

how to choose a domain name for seo?

We solved the previous question?.  We hope the answer is affirmative. At least, give you a general idea.  you should keep in mind that search engines do what they want.  You must have patience and hope that all the work done, gives us the expected results.

so, Star Now!! what are you waiting for?  start looking for your perfect domain.

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