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What is Forex or Currency Exchange?

Forex, also known as currency trading, currency exchange or foreign exchange trading, where a trader works with the exchange rate, the currency converter and the predictions of the future. This is a decentralized global market of all currencies that operates worldwide.

currency converter - exchange rate -currency exchange
currency converter – exchange rate -currency exchange

This market is the largest and most liquid in the world, with a daily volume of operations that exceeds $ 5 billion. The other stock markets in the world, All together, do not come close to this.
But what does this mean?

Take a closer look at the forex market and open business opportunities that are not available in other investments.


Forex Trading

This book contains a guide for beginners and the advanced guide. Where commercial strategies will be demonstrated to obtain consistent market gains.  This is a guide for beginners and it is for those of you who are beginning to consider currency trading, but do not know where to start, given the abundance of information on the Internet.  It is a good first book to read to understand the basics.


When we talk about currencies and their exchange rate, many think of something complicated. But it is not, if you have ever traveled abroad, you have made a transaction in forex.

currency exchange example
currency exchange example

Let’s say that we travel to Germany and we want to bring cash and not just our credit cards. We must change our dollars to euros. That’s what currency exchange is all about, and for them we need a currency converter and a currency trader to sell euros to us. That is exactly currency trading (forex trading for dummies).

You can also be a currency trader and enter this crazy trading world. You must be careful, since you can earn large sums of money, you can also lose a lot of money. It is very important to take courses before starting in this world of forex trading.

Following our example of exchanging dollars for euros, let’s say that today we could buy with 100 dollars about 86 euros.

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But tomorrow with those same 100 dollars we could buy 90 euros. This means that the euro lost value. But if it were the opposite? With those 100 dollars, we could buy 80 euros. The euro, I gain value.


Let’s say that today we buy with 100 dollars, about 90 euros, our exchange rate is 0.9. And tomorrow with those same 100 dollars we could only buy 80 euros.

What happened? What is the new exchange rate? Well, our new exchange rate is 0.8. What we win? That is the question and that is what interests us. Anyway, we already have 90 euros, if we sell them at the same exchange rate of 0.9, we have 100 dollars again. But if we sell them at the new exchange rate, 0.8 what would happen? Well, we would sell to 112.5 dollars. We would earn 12.5 dollars in a single day. get, a gain of 12.5%. What if it was not 100 dollars but 1000 dollars?  That’s what currency offers are instead.

Currency Exchange Trade

Currency exchange trade (also known as FX or forex, abbreviation of the English term Foreign Exchange), is the exchange of one currency for another. … Despite the importance of international trade, this only accounts for 2% of the total volume of activity in the foreign exchange market.

The above example is just to show what the currency market is about. Investing in the forex market is very risky. We have no responsibility for your decision to invest in this type of homebased business. If you are going to do it, before doing it. Study on this topic of how to invest in FOREX.

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There are many videos, tutorials and courses of currency exchange or forex on this subject that you can find on Google. Here we will only talk about the components of Forex or Currency Exchange.

what is pip forex
what is a pip forex?

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