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Why Take into Account the Zoning of your Home?

Consider the zoning of your home.

Most cities and many counties have zoning ordinances that limit our Business Idea, to one degree or another, if you can operate a homebased business. While many communities have modernized their zoning ordinances to recognize that a computer-based business is not like a noisy car repair shop, a hairdressing salon or a meeting point at 6 am for a construction or cleaning crew, Many communities prohibit certain types of businesses and prescribe limitations that may harm some businesses.

zoning of your neighborhood
zoning of your neighborhood

Here are some common activities that communities do not like and that they can restrict within their zoning code:

  • Increase in vehicular traffic, both moving and parked on the street.
  • Prominent signs.
  • Employees not related to you who work in your home.
  • Use of the house more for business than residence (determined by the percentage of space used for the business).
  • Sell retail products to the public: sometimes communities limit it to specific hours.
  • Store dangerous quantities or types of materials inside or outside your home
    So, if you plan on launching your business from your home, the first thing you should do is to verify what commercial activity your city or county allows in your neighborhood. This is becoming easier to do, as many communities are making their codes available on their websites. You just need to know what the zoning classification is for your home (ie, R-1, R-2, R-3, etc.), which is easily found in the zoning office of your city or county. Now, depending on the activity of your business idea or company, it may or may not be important zoning where your house is located.

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For Example:  A vehicle repair company is not the same as an SEO entrepreneur. Now, thinking that the SEO entrepreneur is only you and the members of your household. It is not the same, to have employees in your house. Possibly some neighbor may complain about the high volume of cars outside his home. There are many business activities that can be done from home and others not.
When it comes to clients, remember to show that you are a serious and responsible person. I leave some tips on the subject.

  • Have a separate telephone line for your business. While your second line can be residential, opting for a commercial line will allow you to have one and sometimes two yellow lists and will allow people to call directory assistance or use internet-based yellow pages to find your business by name. These benefits can easily justify the additional cost of a commercial line. Also, locate your business phone away from the noise of home.
  • Answer your phone formally and professionally. If other family members respond to your business line, make sure they do the same, including using your company name. While you can use voicemail, as almost all companies do today, one way to gain a competitive advantage is to actually answer your phone or have someone answer it for you. Clients and prospective clients almost always prefer to talk to a live human being instead of dealing with voice mail.
  • Use voicemail to capture calls when you are not there. Better yet, to give your interlocutors a more personal sense of service, consider going a step further and using one of the personal communications assistant technologies such as Oryx or Personal Assistant. These services give callers more options and can help you locate them quickly if necessary.
  • Take care that your collaterals on paper have a consistent and quality appearance. While you can design your own letterheads, envelopes, business cards, brochures and statements, if you do not have visual sense, and not all do, consider using a professional to do your design work. You can make the final product print or print professionally as needed on your own printer. Try to coordinate your materials with your website for a more elegant appearance.
    • Make sure your business address is professional. If the street address of your home is something like Lazy Daisy Road, it is a good idea not to use it as the address where packages and commercial mail are delivered. We recommend using street addresses of a commercial district: you can rent from a mail reception service or an office suite complex. (If you do, make sure your city does not physically inspect commercial facilities before granting a business license from the city.) Zip addresses tend to make customers suspicious; You can not receive deliveries from FedEx or UPS in a PO Box.

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  • Find alternative care for your children. While many parents care for their children while they work, they can not be expected to work 100 percent efficiency with the children, so consider other options. The most common are getting help from family members, using outside daycare services or hiring a babysitter to take care of the children while you work.
  • Another less used but creative solution is to establish a cooperative daycare agreement with four or five other parents who work from home and take turns taking care of the children. You may only be able to work four days a week, but in those four days, you may be more productive than you would be in five days with your children competing for your care.
  • Set up off-site meetings if you live in an inconvenient place or just do not have enough space to meet clients or clients in your home office. You can meet at your client’s location or in a neutral place like a restaurant.
  • Dress professionally. How you feel when you work at home affects how you feel about your work and the image you project. While many people who work in traditional offices dress informally at work, it can be useful without keeping it informal. While it may be useful to work with PJ, it is most likely not the best option to use all day.

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