Make Money with Part-time Homebase Business

9 affordable homebase part-time home-based business ideas that can start now and make money.

If your goal is to generate additional income (money) while retaining your traditional work, start a part-time homebase business.

To then start a full-time working from home. A part-time business can allow you to achieve both (make money easy). However, not all companies are flexible enough to do a job and other obligations.

Next, you will find nine ideas that can be started quite quickly and inexpensively, and are homebase business. In addition, they can grow up in a full-time career or remain at a part-time level depending on their goals.

  • Tutor:  There was a time when tutoring required in-person visits at the student’s home. While that can still be done, technology now allows mentoring to take place online through video conferencing.
Online Tutor

Online tutoring offers more flexibility than traditional methods because there are no trips to customers’ homes.  Saving time and travel expenses.

In addition, you can work with people in different time zones, which allows you to reach more people.   Even, people from other countries. There are many types of tutoring:

  1. computer tutoring.
  2. Academic tutoring for all ages. (from elementary students to college students)
  3. SAT tutoring and even language tutoring through which it helps foreign entrepreneurs learn English.  If you know Spanish or Portuguese, I could teach English to people who live in South America.

You can grow the business by recruiting and managing other tutors, you can also add additional income to a tutoring company by creating online courses or writing books.

  • Photographer:  Charging for taking pictures is an excellent way to turn a photographic hobby into a family business. If zoning laws permit in your area, you can make portraits from your home, take pictures of families, graduates and even pets. Or consider photographing events, such as weddings.

A wedding photographer can earn approximately $ 2,600 for a $ 20,000 wedding. And, since weddings are held almost exclusively on weekends, it is a company that can start part-time while saving and growing your business.

Finally, you can sell your photographs online through sites such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

  • eBay:  eBay is one of the few companies that can start without financial investment and receive a payment within a week. You can start by selling unused and unused items in your home, and use those benefits to invest in inventories based on what you learn to sell well.

Or, if you are already successful as an eBay seller, you can help others sell your articles for profit as an eBay sales assistant. As an eBay sales assistant, you will usually have to go to the client’s houses or businesses to photograph and collect items, and then make a list and sell them for a percentage of the sale.

Do not feel that you are limited to eBay. There are many other places where you can sell used items online like books, clothes, electronics, jewelry and more.

  • Information products:  Everyone has knowledge about something that others would pay to know. If you can compile that information in a product, you can sell it.  Information products come in many forms, such as books and courses, and can be delivered in tangible (ie, printed books) or digital formats (eg, e-books).

Information products offer several great advantages, including that it is extremely flexible, affordable and easy to start, and generates passive income. In addition, information products are easy to make along with a job or add as a stream of additional income to an existing business.

  • Affiliate marketing:  If the idea of ​​creating a product or service is discouraging, affiliate marketing could be the solution for you.   In affiliate marketing, you earn money online selling products and services from other companies. Affiliate marketing combines word of mouth marketing with commission sales.

Affiliate marketing is not only flexible enough to do a part-time job, it is also flexible about how to promote your products. Remember, all the time we are selling something and without receiving payment. Yes, even if you do not believe it, every time you speak well of a product or service to someone, you are selling. Why not make money doing it?

Most affiliate marketers use a blog, but some entrepreneurs have a unique website where they compile an email list and sell products to subscribers.

Affiliate marketing is an income stream that can also be added to other national companies. For example, as a tutor, you can recommend your clients to obtain a specific book or educational materials.

  • Writer:  One of the great advantages of writing, in addition to its total flexibility, is that there are so many types of writing you can do. You can become a:
  1. blogger .
  2. editor curriculum vitae.
  3. writer Author .
  4. ghost writer .
  5. Content writer (articles, blog posts, etc.).
Online Writter

You can focus on one type of writing, or you can do several. For example, you can have your own blog and offer independent writing services. Remember, there are companies that would pay good money for the translation of manuals to other languages. If you handle several languages, you can be a translator of texts.

  • Crafter / Artist:  Are you creative? Why not turn your artistic talent into part-time income? If you manufacture smart objects, you can sell them on Etsy or at handicraft and bazaar fairs on weekends.

Other creative and artistic efforts you may consider include jewelry, fake painting, interior design and home staging. Your art can sell it on ebay or other places.

  • Social network manager:  Do you like to tweet, share and post on Instagram? Can you reach and involve people in a variety of social networks? If so, you can be a good candidate for the social network administrator.

facebook-manager-part-time-jobSocial network administrators develop social networking plans, and then create and schedule social media campaigns for businesses and entrepreneurs.

In addition to creating posts on social networks, a social network administrator could also be responsible for moderating the profiles of social networks to provide customer service, encourage interaction with the company’s market and eliminate Trolls and work to create followers.

To be successful, you must know how to use social networks in the market without disturbing or offending corporate markets. It can also help to know how to create shareable graphics, since they attract more answers than plain text publications.

  • Direct sells:  There is a lot of misinformation about direct sales, but if you research and choose a company with a product / service and a marketing plan, you can fall behind, direct sales are a fast, inexpensive and flexible way to start a home-based business.

The advantages of direct sales over starting a business from scratch include:

  1. Product or service done.
  2. Existing marketing plan.
  3. Tutoring and training through a sponsor.
  4. Affordable to start (many can start for less than $ 100 or less).

It is important to investigate when choosing a direct sales list to avoid scams and frauds. But if you find a product and company that you like, and treat direct sales as the business that it is, you can succeed.

Building Part-time Income

You are not limited to these nine business ideas at home. The truth is that many homebase business in which you can work. These offer flexibility and can generate income (money) in a dynamic way.

One of the great advantages of homebase business is that you are the boss, so it works how much or how little you want. That said, building a money in a part-time business can be a big challenge if you do not plan or give it the priority it deserves.

Earn money from home, doing what you like most or know how to do, is very easy. it only requires a little dedication and discipline. Who knows, you could be the next tycoon, just look at the big guys. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook..  They started just like you. with much desire, with an idea, discipline and dedication.

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