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How Start a Home Based Business as Keyword Researcher

To Start a Home Based Business as Keyword Researcher, First, learn the basics and the main tool, Google Keyword Planner.

What are the keywords?

Keywords are ideas and themes that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, are the words and phrases that people enter in the search engines, also called “search queries.”

If you boil everything on your page, all the images, videos, copies, etc., up to simple words and phrases, those are your main keywords.


As the owner of a website or content creator. This is very important if you want the keywords on your page to be relevant to what people are looking for. You must implement SEO actions, since your pages are more likely to be among a person’s search results.

Why are the keywords important?

Keywords are important because they are the key piece between what people are looking for and the content they are providing.

Your goal in ranking in the search engines is to generate organic traffic to your site.  If you own a golf store, for example, you may want to qualify for “new clubs,” but if you’re not careful, you may end up attracting traffic that is interested in finding a new place to dance after dark.

The keywords refer to both your audience and your content. Because it can describe what it offers in a slightly different way to how some people request it.

To create content that organizes well and directs visitors to your site. You must understand the needs of those visitors:

  • The language they use.
  • The type of content they seek.

You can do this by talking with your clients, frequenting forums and community groups. Doing your own keyword search with a tool like Google Keyword Planner.

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On the Internet there are many tutorials with which you can get more information about the keywords. but, basically, a keyword is the word or phrase with which a person performs a search in a search engine such as Google.

Home Based Business Keywords

Think of that nose that makes your business different, in those keywords that could summarize the personality of your brand.   Keyword, comes to mean “important word”. And in the same way that a good choice of them is crucial to achieve a good positioning, they are also of utmost importance when a customer first meets you. You must leave a trace.   Work on your own brand to find a personality trait that makes it unique.

But how to implement the keyword? And how Star Your Home Based Business?

First, you must be clear about the concept of a keyword. and then start posting on the Internet about you. offers your services

Start with acquaintances, the bakery on the corner, a nearby restaurant. If you do not have a website, create one for them. If you already have it, develop a strategy and present it.

The first product that you must develop is you. If you do it right, customers will come from the search engines. Then, you will know how good you are. In the end, they came to you. or Not?

Once, you have the first contact with a client. If this came for a search engine, you should emphasize that. You came to me, for my work. I can do the same for you.  This is the best way to start, sell your work. and you must prove it.

Little by little, we will develop the knowledge of how to be a good SEO researcher and start our home based business.

We will try to develop our own website. to obtain customers. We will try to spend as little as possible and maximize the results.  For this we need a hosting service.

Home Based Business Keywords

All companies need to know, know and explore their
home based business keywords. SEO positioning, remember this “is very important”.

When you achieve your goal, it will appear on the first page of a user’s search. You can sell your services very easily. you just have to show your work. Even if you have not done any to a company. and this will happen, and you know why. why did you manage to position yourself? Your company is in the first results of Google.

Remember, we will look for an economic one.   We want to show our service, we do not want to create a complicated website.

let’s start looking for our home based business keywords. what are you waiting for? a coffee with a donut.. Start Now!!

How Start a Home Based Business as Keyword Researcher
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How Start a Home Based Business as Keyword Researcher
To Start a Home Based Business as Keyword Researcher, First, learn the basics and the main tool, Google Keyword Planner.
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