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what is home based business?

The concept of HomeBased Business, unlike the terminology “handicraft industry”, first appeared in 1978. The phrase was coined by Marion Behr, the originator of a study to discover companies formed by women in the United States with homebased business. Those business were taking place in their homes.

Numerous journals and organizations helped to disseminate information about the study. Finally, 40,000 letters were received, many indicating the problems that respondents experienced when conducting business from their homes.

The problems were analyzed and confronted in two ways. In 1980, the National Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs of the Home was founded to combat the isolation expressed by the respondents and to fight against the laws that made it difficult to conduct their business.


Nowadays, the most basic and clear definition is: a company whose main office is in the owner’s home. The business can be of any size or type, as long as the office is in a home.

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Two out of three companies, regardless of their size, start in a bedroom, garage, basement or, sometimes, even in a bathroom. This is how companies as diverse as Apple Computer, Baskin-Robbins ice cream, Electronic Data Systems, Hallmark cards, the Lillian Vernon and Purex catalog began. Of course, the Internet makes operating a virtual company from home more feasible and popular than ever.

How to Start and Operate Your Own HomeBased Business

A complete guide to starting and operating a home-based business covering all aspects of what it takes to become an entrepreneur who works at home. It all begins with making the decision to have your own home-based business and taking charge of how you generate your income by doing the type of work you want to do, how you do it and when you do it. Topics begin with selecting the right home-based business, naming your business and getting all the required registrations, licenses and permits. We then move on to the Business Plan and what should be included in this all important planning stage. A Marketing Plan is next; this outlines how you plan to generate sales and creat a customer base. Taxes are thoroughly identified so you know how much money you get to keep. Setting up your home office is essential so you work effectively and efficiently. Establishing your image on paper, on the Internet and in person is key to getting the right message out to the markeplace. We end with Balance – creating the rhythm for you and your household so everyone is happy when you live and work under the same roof.

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homebased business take more free time

Things to consider if you want to be an entrepreneur and have homebased business.

  • First, is it legal to hang the tile or sign in at home? This is one of the many possible restrictions to be allowed to turn your home into a functioning castle. If you can operate a business from home flexibly and how to do it, it is covered by the local zoning ordinances and also by the conventions, codes and restrictions (CC & R) of the associations of owners and condominiums.
  • How will you separate your home and your workplace? Although the hours of work required to start a business can affect the family of an entrepreneur, when you bring the workplace to the home, the needs of your family should be taken into account even more, Take time to be with your family.
  • How will you establish and maintain a professional image? This is especially important if your address is on Cow Path Lane, your dog loves to bark, or if your teen likes to play his drums in the room next to his home office.

why take into account the zoning of your home?

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